USA: FAA TSO-C13f, Type I
Japan: JCAB CARJ Article 152

This continuous wear, yoke style life vest is ideal for helicopter pilots or anyone flying long distances over open water. The Bravo's compact, lightweight design includes a 2-inch, extra wide, waist strap for comfort and security. Equipped with water-activated light, retro-reflective tape and a whistle. Optional storage pouches attach to the waist strap to hold signal kit or PLB, ELT or EPIRB. Easy fold lines for repackaging.


Inflated Buoyancy:36 lbs. (160 Newtons) nominal
Inflated Volume:970 cu. in. (16 liters) nominal

USA: FAA TSO-C13f, Type I
Japan: JCAB CARJ Article 152

Category of Preserver:Adult
Weight of Wearer:For wearers weighing 90 lbs. (40.8 kg) and above with a chest size between 30 inches (76 cm) and 52 inches (132 cm) in circumference.
Inflatable Buoyancy Cell::

Single Cell


Material - Flame Retardant urethane coated nylon (UL Recognized & USCG approved)
Construction - RF Heat Sealed Seams

Inflation System:

Manual CO₂ Inflator and an Oral Inflation Tube

Color:Inflatable Buoyancy Cell: Passenger Yellow Outside Cover: Blue, Red, or Yellow

Up to 95% relative humidity

Altitude:-2000 to 45,000 ft. above sea level
CO2 Gas Charge:0.073 lbs. (33 grams)
Survivor Locator Light:Water-activated. FAA TSO-C85 Approved.
Packaging Options:

Unpackaged (designed for constant use)

Other Options:

- Retroreflective Tape, SOLAS Grade, USCG Approved
- Signal Kit (Signal Flare, Dye Marker, Signal Mirror)
-Lanyard Cover

Service Life:

Indefinite if unit continues to pass periodic maintenance inspection

Frequency of Inspection:

24 months from in-service date (no later than 36 months from manufactured date) for first maintenance inspection, every 24 months for subsequent inspections


Operational Range: -65 to 120 °F (-54 to 48.9 °C)

Storage Range: -65 to 160 °F (-54 to 71.1 °C)