USA: FAA TSO-C13f, Type I

The Titan-XF Life Preserver is a manually inflatable life preserver designed for wear by passengers and crew aboard an aircraft during flight over water. While in flight, the Titan-XF is worn deflated and folded to a compact size to provide maximum comfort and mobility for the wearer. When fully inflated, the Titan-XF provides 35 lbs. of buoyancy to help the wearer stay afloat while in the water.

The Titan-XF Life Preserver is designed with an open area collar to be placed over the head and onto neck and shoulder area, so that the vest rests on the chest of the wearer. The vest is secured about the waist to the wearer using a harness strap. Inflation is accomplished by either CO₂ or oral inflation.
Each Titan XF is equipped with a whistle and a light and battery assembly.


Inflated Buoyancy:35 lbs. (156 Newtons) nominal
Inflated Volume:970 cu. in. (16 liters) nominal

USA: FAA TSO-C13f, Type I

Category of Preserver:Adult
Weight of Wearer:For persons weighing more than 90 lbs. (41 kg)
Inflatable Buoyancy Cell::

2 Independent Cells


Material - Urethane Coated Nylon (UL Regonized & USCG approved)
Construction - RF Heat Sealed Seams

Inflation System:

Manual CO₂ Inflator and an Oral Inflation Tube in each Buoyancy Cell

Color:Inflatable Buoyancy Cell: YellowOutside Cover: Orange or Navy Blue

Up to 95% relative humidity

Altitude:-2000 to 45,000 ft. above sea level
CO2 Gas Charge:2 x 0.035 lbs. (2 x 16 g)
Survivor Locator Light:Water-activated. FAA TSO-C85 Approved.
Packaging Options:

Unpackaged (designed for constant use)

Other Options:

- Retro-reflective Tape, SOLAS Grade, USCG Approved
-Demonstration Vest

Service Life:

Indefinite if unit continues to pass periodic maintenance inspection

Frequency of Inspection:

24 months from in-service date (no later than 36 months from manufactured date) for first maintenance inspection, every 24 months for subsequent inspections


Operational Range: -58 to 150°F (-50 to 65.6 °C)

Storage Range: -65 to 160 °F (-54 to 71.1 °C)