Pioneering Tracking Accuracy in Aviation



Our RFID software and tagging solutions are scalable and secure. All solutions that we offer are production ready and are in operational use with a range of airlines, MRO providers, OEMs, and more. TagControl is being used to track and trace emergency and loose equipment both inside and outside of the aircraft across a range of applications. It is also being used to perform RFID-enabled security inspections that comply with the TSA security checks for USA departures.

Hundreds of thousands of assets around the world are being tracked every day using TagControl™.


EAM RFID Solutions breaks through technological and regulatory complexities to deliver high-quality software and services. The Company’s TagControl™ software enables real-time data capture of RFID tagged assets. Tracked items include important life-saving products such as life vests, oxygen generators, and survival kits.

TagControl™ software aggregates onboard data with conventional data sources that already exist in a given business or organization. This enables EAM RFID Solutions’ customers to create comprehensive analytics, driving better-informed business decisions to ultimately enhance the experience of their customers.

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