USA: FAA TSO-C70a, Type II
Germany: LBA 40.320

- For Air Taxi, Corporate and General Aviation
- Single Tube
- Compact, lightweight. Constructed of neoprene coated nylon.
- High tech inflation system.
- Competitively priced.




Rated: | Overload: 13 Persons


USA: FAA TSO-C70a, Type II
Germany: LBA 40.320

ColorTube: Yellow Canopy: Fluorescent Orange Carrying Case: Yellow
Diameter Raft Tube14.25" (36.2 cm)
Inflated Volume: @ 1.50 psig

26.86 ft³ (0.7606 m³)

Tube Volume Per Person: @ rated capacity2.984 ft³ (0.0845 m³)
Total Tube Buoyancy1676 lbs. (760.2 kg)
Buoyancy Per Person: @ rated capacity186.2 lbs. (84.47 kg)
Total Deck Area33.0 ft² (3.07 m²)
Deck Area Per Person: @ rated capacity3.67 ft² (0.341 m²)
Tube Operating Pressure

Nominal: 2.0 psig (0.14 bar)

Pressure Relief Valves

Open: 2.5 - 3.0 psig (0.17 - 0.21 bar)
Close: 2.0 psig (0.14 bar)

Tube Burst PressureOver 6 psig (0.4 bar)
Inflation System

Cylinder Size: 205 in³
Cylinder Type: DOT-3AA2100 & TC-3AAM161, Steel
Charge Pressure: 2100 psig
Charge Weights: CO₂: 4.40 to 4.52 lbs. (2.00 to 2.05 kg)

Environmental Limits

Up to 95% relative humidity

Altitude-2000 to 45,000 ft. above sea level
Service Life

Indefinite if raft continues to pass periodic maintenance inspection

Frequency Of Inspection

12 months from in-service date or 24 months from date of manufacture for first maintenance inspection, every 12 months for subsequent inspections